Stewart Townsend
April 6, 2022

Get More User Reviews Using SMS Feedback

how to Get More Customer Reviews and Feedback to Improve Service

Feedback and reviews from customers improve brand authenticity and sales by promoting new customers to buy your products.  Reviews and feedback also provide a platform for business growth by helping you assess your customer service, products and performance.  Getting to know your promoters from your detractors, pushing for advocacy and managing customer recovery as fast as possible after an experience increases the chance of getting feedback but also for you to act on it, or even better have happy customers act on it by posting a review. 

Why Use SMS to get Feedback?

A recent study from Pew Research found that 97% of smartphone owners use SMS more than any other app on their mobile. It is the most ubiquitous communication tool on the planet and you might arguably consider it the first and only app installed on every mobile device. What better way then to get inside the mind of your customers to monitor and measure customer experience as close to the experience as you can than text?

With much higher uptake rates than email (45% for SMS  rate compared to just 6% or email - Gartner) the chances of getting valuable feedback is much higher when you use an SMS text route. It also taps into a wider demographic whilst remaining incredibly cost effective. 

Here we discuss 6 kinds of feedback that you can easily access by text to improve and equally promote your business.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey 

If you’ve not come across NPS before you’re missing out on one of the fastest and most powerful ways to gauge how your customers rate you as a business.  The survey asks 2 simple questions, a rating out of 10 for likelihood to recommend you to friends and family and then a followup question that aims to find out more about the experience and the rating.   

“Thanks for your recent visit to Golden Curls, we’d like to know more about your experience.  How likely are you to recommend us to your friends and family from 0 not at all to 10 highly likely?”

By wording the final thank you message based on the score given you can offer the happiest customers the option of clicking a link to post a review and for those who haven’t had the experience you’d prefer you can offer routes to customer recovery, like a live chat or a call back.

Google Ratings

 Most of your customers are already connected to Google. ‍Whether you’re following up on an NPS survey or its just a thanks for a purchase, asking consumers to add review on Google by adding a link to your business your messages can drive ratings. Google rating positively affects your SEO, which in turn amplifies your visibility, and ultimately, your sales.‍

Facebook Reviews‍

If you have Facebook Business Manager, you can ask customers to leave a review on your Facebook page. Adding a link to your FB page in messages can drive you traffic and reviews. Make sure you mention how it will be a hassle-free quick process. ‍

Product Reviews‍

Other buyers’ experiences can have a massive impact on your business sales. ‍Ask clients for feedback on your product and/or services in a message with a link to your reviews page. The more positive reviews you garner, the more authority your brand will have. Plus, asking for feedback after purchase also makes your existing customers feel valued. ‍Win-Win!‍

Store/ Location Review ‍

Putting a QR code on your receipts and in store to encourage customers to connect with you through SMS and rate their visit can get you feedback about experiences and help customers feel more valued.  

Customer Support Review ‍

Reach out to customers after contact your customer support team. ‍This allows you to assess user experience and make any required changes within your support staff and practices. Consumers appreciate businesses that take time to evaluate user experience, and SMS feedback is the easiest way to do it.

Things to Keep in Mind When Asking for Reviews‍

Several factors play a pivotal role in increasing customer reviews to help improve conversion rates. Just sending a message is not enough; you need to be mindful to ensure more user engagement.‍ 

Ask for permission and be professional: We highly recommend that you ask permission (legally required in various regions) before asking for reviews, so you only reach out to willing customers. 

Keep a professional tone. ‍Keep the message to the point, and remember to mention your brand name. Remember to be respectful even if a customer turns down a review request. 

Lastly, always proofread to eliminate any errors. ‍Asking for permission also makes it easy to maintain and update your subscription list to keep willing customers for future promotions. ‍

Running timely SMS campaigns is very important: Make sure to ask for review soon after a purchase or store visit. ‍

Automate your marketing campaign: For consistent customer feedback collection, automate your SMS feedback campaigns. It can save you time as you ask for reviews and increase the amount of data you collect over time. ‍

CTAs are essential: Having a CTA in your review request is a simple way to increase customer engagement and conversion rates. A simple yet effective CTA encourages the consumer to leave a review because it is easy to follow. ‍‍

Using SMS Marketing Software and Conversation Channels: Using a platform like Hullo that offers campaign features that automate and schedule messages, integrate to your apps, manage your contacts lists and give you realtime reports are the best way to get the most out of 2-way texting and help build relationships with your customers.

Final Thoughts‍

SMS is a powerful tool for garnering more user reviews and enhancing relationships with existing and potential customers. As your customer engagement increases, your conversion rate online and in store footprint skyrockets as well.

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