The top 5 features to get you started.


Top 5 features of hullo to use straight away

Smart Groups

Reaching the right customers groups - Hullo lets you decide what information you want to collect and store about your audience, so when you come to sending a message you can target and personalise with it.

You can build out list based groups to send a group message or campaign to but you can also use the power of Smart Groups.

Smart Groups use the stored information to automatically generate contact lists for you based on the information you choose, so if you need to reach everyone in a specific postcode area who loves chocolate offers, you can do that with Smart Groups. 

Hullo screenshot of group message

Quickstart campaigns 

We’ve used our years of experience to pick some of the most effective interactive campaigns and turned them into Quickstart campaigns that you can setup, target and schedule in minutes. 

Auto responder:

Lets you setup a message that will immediately auto reply when a customer texts it, for example ‘opening’ to find out your opening days and times. 

Quick Poll:

Get interactive and find out what your customers prefer with a quick poll, just for fun to to give you a little insight into what your business can do to make customers even happier. Target a list or smart group, or send it to everyone, then see the results live in your hullo feed 

One Question:

Let your customers get vocal, ask them a question and give them a chance to tell you what they think. Like a single question survey, you can get straight to the point and find out fast how your customers feel. 


If you’re organising an event or want to know who’s up for a special offer, the invitation quick start lets you target a group or smart group to find out if they are interested and RSVP. Hullo turns this into a new smart group that you can contact to keep updated as the day approaches. 

Hullo screenshot of autoresponder campaign

Automated campaigns 

Hullo helps you to automate some campaigns that take the load off to create some of those perfectly timed mobile moments without you even needing to think about it. 

Customer Feedback:

Set up a 2 question survey that gets customers to rate their latest experience with you and tell you a bit more about it so that you can track how you’re doing and get some great insight into what you do best and how to improve. 

Birthday Greeting:

If you choose to collect the day and month of a customer’s birthday when they opt into your hullo channel then you can setup an automatic greeting that will be sent to them on their big day. 


Automatically remind your hullo channel subscribers if they have an appointment coming up with you. 

Hullo screenshot campaigns page

One-to-one conversations 

Sometimes you can’t beat a good old one-to-one. It’s a great way to provide support to customers who can reach out to you easily on your hullo number. Hullo makes sure you can see messages you’re receiving and reply to them in an instant to help you provide the ultimate in customer service. 

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GDPR Compliance 

Hullo makes sure you stay GDPR compliant with double opt in and easy unsubscribe so your customers can be confident subscribing to your hullo channel.

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