Any Questions?

What is Engagement?

Creating meaningful interactions with an audience or an individual customer over time rather than just broadcasting advertisements to them. Engagement marketing helps build a loyal following and increases potential for sales over time.

Is hullo GDPR compliant?

Hullo works for you to make sure that you're fully GDPR compliant in the way you manage subscribers. If you add a subscriber's info direct into the subscriber area of hullo it will send them an automated message asking if they are happy to receive messages from you before you are able to include them in a campaign. Customers can also register themselves using the HULLO keyword on your number, this way they opt in straight away to receive messages from you. It's also easy to opt out using the industry standard STOP keyword to your number. This will opt them out straight away and remove them from your subscribers lists.

Can I receive messages from customers who aren’t opted in?

Yes, if you publicise keywords that you use in hullo, like OPENING, or OFFERS that send auto replies to people who text them your replies will be sent to the customer whether they are subscribed with you or not. If a customer sends you a message on your hullo number, you will also see this in your live feed and be able to reply to it, but it won't opt them into further comms unless they become a fully-fledged subscriber.

How long can a message be?

In theory a message can be as long as you like but people generally like text messages to be a bit shorter and to the point. A standard message is 160 characters long, but this isn't something you'll generally think about these days as all handsets will join a multi part message into one when they display it. It’s worth bearing in mind though that there is a charge per message part that you send through hullo (or any other texting platform for that matter) so if your message is 161 characters long it will be sent as 2 parts and use a count of 2 messages from your send allowance.

Will I need a contract to use hullo?

Once your free 14-day trial ends, you’ll need to select a monthly subscription to carry on using hullo. Your subscription renews each month and it’s easy to increase or decrease the amount you will want to have for your send allowance. Hullo doesn’t charge you to receive messages and it gives you a dedicated number that is always yours, no generic or shared numbers which is why you’ll need to sign up to hullo to carry on using it.

Will I need a mobile phone to use hullo?

Although we’ve designed hullo to be a ‘mobile first’ application so that you can use it easily on the go, it’s not a mobile app and you won’t need a mobile to use it. Hullo works in your mobile browser and you can happily use it on your tablet, laptop or desktop using a web browser.

Can subscribers opt out of receiving messages from me?

Yes, and this is really important from a regulatory point of view. As with all mobile campaigns hullo supports the industry standard STOP keyword. Subscribers only need to send the keyword stop to your hullo number to immediately opt out of future comms.

Does my allowance expire?

Hullo gives you an included allowance in your subscription each month so you don’t need to mess around buying bundles up front and making sure you have enough to run a campaign. If you’re getting near the end of your allowance hullo will let you know and it's easy to bump up the subscription options permanently or for just a month.

How long will it take me to get set up and send my first message?

Setting up your hullo account only takes a few minutes just to collect your information and choose how you want to use the registration feature of hullo, once that is done you are up and running and you can send your first message. You don’t need to buy any message bundles to get started either, hullo gives you an allowance to try it out over 14 days, then you can securely add your card details and select a subscription plan. Hullo starts at just £20 a month.

Can I schedule when messages are sent?

Yes, all campaign and group messages can be scheduled with a date and time for when you want them to be sent out.

Can I personalise my messages automatically?

Yes, hullo lets you use any of the information you choose to store for your subscribers to personalise the messages you send them. Personalising messages with a name and some appropriate information is a great way to boost engagement and uptake. Hullo doesn’t limit the data you can store and use to personalise your campaigns.

Where is my data held and is it secure?

Hullo is hosted by Amazon in AWS. We use UK based data centres across at least two availability zones within the UK. We utilise the very latest architectures and electronic defences and monitoring to ensure our systems and your data are safe. Hullo is accredited with ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 27001 for Information Security.

Is there a limit to how many keywords I can set up and do they cost me extra?

No, and no. Hullo doesn’t limit the number of keywords you set up whether you are on our intro subscription plan or the biggest we offer, and you aren’t charged any extra for creating them.

Why would I want to ask my customers a question?

Are you looking to sell a new range of products, do you plan to open at different times, do you think your customers like next day delivery? You can ask your customers the questions that will grow your business.