Stewart Townsend
March 1, 2022

Enhance Guest Experience

Regardless of the type of your business, communication plays one of the most vital roles and the hospitality industry is no exception. Every hotelier wants to improve the quality of guest experience.  To achieve that, it’s extremely important to know what customers like and don’t like.

Mistakes happen, they just do. But when that happens unchecked a bad guest review on a major site can have a major impact on your business and kill a ranking you've worked so hard for.

Using Hullo to gather feedback can put a vital control in the flow giving you chance for customer rescue and make things right before they unleash a tirade on social and review sites.

Using Hullo NPS Campaign to control and improve experience and feedback is quick and easy.

Hullo has a kick ass pedigree when it comes to feedback. It's parent company launched the first SMS survey tool, Synapta in 2004. Synapta is an enterprise feedback tool, but Hullo uses its engine and all that learning to help give you the very best practice.

How Hoteliers Can Use Text Messaging to Increase Revenue?

Text messaging helps hoteliers understand their guests’ expectations and offer services accordingly. If you’re a hotel owner, you can use the power of text messaging service to enhance the guest experience, boost marketing results, improve customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase revenue. Here are some ways you can use the text messaging service for your hotel business

Send Reservation Reminders

Many guests like to make restaurant, spa, and other reservations in advance and they either show up late or forget about their reservation. In these situations, a text message can alert people reminding them about their reservation so that they can show up on time.

Offer an Upgrade

Everyone likes an upgrade, especially if it involves a discount. Offering a room upgrade during a slow period by sending a text message can help with conversions. All you need to do is to target the right guests at the right time.

You can send these text messages to people who have reserved a standard room so that they can utilize the upgrade offer to book an upgraded room.

Keep Guests Onsite

Text messaging allows you to inform your guests about events, restaurant deals, and activities going on in your hotel. It’ll keep your guests onsite for a longer period of time that will earn you more revenue

Promote Onsite Services

If your hotel offers side services such as an onsite spa, you can use the power of text messaging to inform them about such services. It’s important to note that your text messages must sound authentic, so you should not sound salesy.

Enables Easy Reservations

You can help your guests to make reservations for the hotel, restaurant, or spa without waiting by utilising a text messaging system. No one wants to wait on hold during a phone call whether they want to stay at your hotel for leisure or business purposes.

Test messages not only accelerate the process but also makes it easier for customers to make reservations and save time.

Improves Customer Service

If you own a big hotel, you would already know that managing an overloaded customer service helpline is a challenging task. You can implement a text messaging service strategy to take the strain off the overloaded customer service helpline.

SMS messages improve the level of customer service. For instance, you can automate your system that sends a text message to your guests when their room is booked or cleaned.

Seamless Check-Ins and Check-Outs

For most guests, a smooth hotel check-in and check-out process is a must. showthat a 5-minute wait while checking in or checking out can decrease guest satisfaction. You can allow customers to do check-ins and check-outs over SMS.

Many hotels use automated check-in and check-out processes by integrating them with SMS. All you need to do is to send a text message to your guest asking them to send you a code to confirm their receipt. After that, the customer will only need to collect his/her room keys from the front desk and that’s about it.

Fill Hotel Bars and Lounges

You can use text messages to encourage your customers to quench their thirst by going to your hotel bar. They don’t need to go elsewhere but it’ll only be possible if you inform them. This way you can drive more people to your hotel bar.

You can also encourage more people to visit the bar by informing them that they can benefit from your happy hour by buying drinks at a discount.

Offer Exclusive Discounts

It’s yet another area where you can use SMS messaging to get creative in order to drive more guests to your hotel using discounts and promotions. For example, you can send a text message to all your guests at 10:00 am and offer a 5% discount on all orders at your hotel restaurant before 1 pm. It’ll drive a decent amount of additional business to your hotel.

You can also send similar SMS messages during the day at different times. However, you must not go overboard with this strategy. Consider changing the types of discounts each day to keep your customers excited and interested.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that you are not limited to sending text messages only to those people who are staying at your hotel. In fact, you can send these offers to your previous customers as well to encourage them to come back.

Request Feedback

If your hotel gets positive feedback from more guests, its online ratings will increase. A better online rating also means that you’ll experience increased revenue. Text messaging automation is a great way to request feedback from your guests.

Trigger automated text messages every day to those customers who are checking out. Include a link to your hotel’s website in your text message that guests can use to give feedback. You can also ask them to suggest something that can help you to improve their next stay.

SMS Templates that You Can Use for Your Hotel

Many hotels utilize the power of text messaging as a convenient and new method to communicate with their customers using innovative SMS formats. We have compiled a list of a few examples of useful SMS templates for your hotel.

Welcome Message

“Welcome to the [hotel name]! We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Please let us know if you need any assistance.”

Reservation Confirmation

Hello [name of guest]! Your reservation at [hotel name] is confirmed between [arrival] and [departure date] Please visit [link to your website] for more details.”

Special Offer

“Hello [name of guest]. Happy Birthday! We have prepared a 20% discount for you to help you celebrate your special day at [hotel name]. Note: this offer must be redeemed within 15 days!”

Room Service Alert

“Hello [name of guest] Our cleaning staff will be offering services between [time of the day]. We hope you’re enjoying your stay at [hotel name]."

Booking Discounts

Thank you for reserving a room for [date] at [hotel name]. You can reserve your table today if you like to dine at our hotel restaurant. You can get a 10% discount on your bill with this booking reference ID [xxx].”

Benefits of Text Messaging for Your Hotel

SMS marketing is a great promotional and effective communication tool. Not only does it streamline customer service efforts, but it also helps you minimize the chances of getting a negative review. A text messaging program offers the following benefits to a hospitality business.

Saves time

Text messaging services allow you to improve your communication not only with guests but also with your hotel staff members. By using business texting software, you can send emergency notifications and relay policies within a matter of minutes.

Offers Amazing Services

Text messaging allows you to stay in contact with your guests even before they arrive and after they have left. It ensures an exceptional customer experience that people appreciate.

Nurtures Loyal Customers

You can use text messaging services to send your best offers and hotel discount codes to loyal customers. You can also share useful information like travel tips to secure your guests’ loyalty. It’ll encourage them to come back to your hotel for their next stay.

Frees Up Funds

Most hotels need to manage everything with a limited budget and phone calls can increase the expenses. Text messaging solutions are cheap and they allow you to free up funds that you utilise for more important business operations.

Increases Productivity

Text messaging software allows you to consolidate complaints and requests quickly and into a single list. Not only does it make the tracking process easy but it also improves the productivity of your team.

Boosts Revenue

SMS customer service and two-way communication improve the experience of your guests. This way you’ll receive more positive reviews and it’ll also encourage your guests to recommend your hotels to their family and friends which will increase your revenue.

Final Words

Text messaging has undoubtedly modified the way the hospitality industry operates to enhance the guest experience. We hope this guide will help you understand the importance of text messaging for the hospitality industry and how you can use it to increase revenue.

When choosing the text messaging service, it’s important to make sure it has the power to enable you to connect with your guests and allow your guests to connect with you.

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