Smooth check-ins with automated reminder messages

Here’s an example of using hullo’s automated reminder campaign to send a message with all the content they need at just the right time:

‘Anna at Remote Cottages wants to let her customers know the details for their holiday cottage check-in the day before they arrive so that they have everything they need to access the property….’


Anna has used the auto reminder ongoing campaign to set up a reminder message and has used some of the data stored for the subscriber to personalise the message when it sends.  It is sent automatically at 10am the day before the event…  

“Hi Sarah we look forward to welcoming you at Rose Cottage tomorrow. Check in is after 4pm. The property is located at Rose Cottage, Windy Lane, PL24 4RT. Any problems you can contact us here on our hullo channel or call the office 9am to 5pm on 01726 52525. We hope you have a wonderful break.)”


Using hullo’s built in reminder campaign Anna can set the reusable content for the message, include personalisation and chose for the messages to go out automatically at 10am the day before the check-in date.


Using simple but powerful automations keep customers up to date at just the right time making your comms more relevant and useful.