Send offers that connect

Here’s an example of a simple message that needs to be sent to customers and how hullo can automatically super charge it by making it interactive to get better responses that can be targeted and appreciated:

'Jen at Cornish Pizza Republic wants to alert regular customers to their new takeaway service, it is launching with a 25% off your first order offer…'


Jen sends an invitation to take up a special discount code to celebrate the launch.  When subscribers reply that they would like to take up the offer hullo sends them out the code and a link to the online ordering page but also creates Jen a targeted list of people who wanted to take up the offer.  

“Hey Sally! What’s even better than our award winning Pizza? Eating it at home! Yes, we are launching our takeaway service.  Fancy an extra tasty 25% off your first order?  Just reply YES and we’ll get you in the know!”


Hullo makes it easy to create an invitation with its built in ‘quick start’ campaigns. The hard work of setting up the flow has been done already.  

All you need to do is add the content to tell subscribers what the invite is for, an event or a call to action offer for example, then target and send. 


Using an invitation to create a call to action for the offer instead of just pushing out a message to all subscribers creates a great interactive campaign that is more engaging than just a simple message.

Hullo will automatically create a list of all the people who take up the offer, so Jen can now target this group if she wants to in future campaigns - like extending the offer for a week for this group to reward them for the interaction and engagement.