Reach the right people

Here’s an example of using hullo’s smart groups to target your messaging to the right people at the right time.

‘Pete at Coffee101 knows that their special events calendar is a really important part of growing the community around their shop. His hullo registration form asks if customers are interested in hearing about special events so he can target messaging to these groups when something is coming up….’


Hullo lets you create as many data fields as you need to store information that helps you segment your audience so that you can target certain groups of subscribers and personalise those messages. Some of these fields can be completed by customers when they sign up to your hullo channel, these are part of your registration flow. Using these fields to create a smart group is a great way of making sure you reach just the right group of subscribers to take interest in your message… 

“Hi Sarah, lockdown or not we’ve got a great virtual evening event planned for our lovely Coffee101 customers next Saturday the 6th March.  We’ll be holding a live online tasting evening with the guys from the Bunker Roastery and you con join in at home with a coffee kit that we’ll send you in the post.  Its just £5 per person and you can register on our site http://www.coffee101/events. We’d love to see you (virtually)” 


Creating a smart group to target just the subscribers interested in events is really simple, just select new smart group in the subscribers area and turn on the options you want to use as the filter for your group, in this case ‘Interested in events Yes’. Now the group will select any subscribers new and old that choose this option during registration when ever you send a message to the group. It’s not a static list, its a smart list that will always select all subscribers that match the filter to send the group message to.   


No-one likes junk mail. Targeted content will always get a better uptake as it’s reaching subscribers who are more likely to react to it. It also protects your audience, if you bombard everyone with everything, where it is not relevant to groups of the audience they will become less interested in your comms and switch off to those messages that might be really interesting to them.