Get interactive with a question

Here’s an example of a simple conversation automation from hullo, which invites customers to take part in a quick open question. You can use it to find out what customers want or as a fun interaction like a competition.

'Jen at Cornish Pizza Republic wants to remind her customers about their new takeaway service using a fun competition to see what their dream pizza topping is….'


Hullo knows that instead of just pushing out a message to remind subscribers about the new service, getting customers interactive will make the message even more powerful, it can even drive traffic to social channels for extra engagement as part of the campaign…

“We’re feeling curious here at the Cornish Pizza Republic… To celebrate our takeaway service launch we want you to tell us your dream topping combo. We’ll pick the best one and add it to our specials menu this month with 25% off.  Be quick, we’ll pick a winner tomorrow at 5pm and announce it on our FB and Insta pages!”


Hullo makes asking a question simple with the quick start campaigns. Choose the ‘just one question’ campaign and follow the flow to create your question, target it to the people you want to respond and schedule when you want it to run.  


Asking a question gets the audience feeling interactive, thinking about and engaging with your business when they send a reply. It creates a feeling of value.

In this example it is also reminding them about the new takeaway service which will drive traffic to the Facebook and instagram accounts, whilst also having a bit of fun learning about customer’s favourites.