‘Text messaging helps restaurateurs stay in touch with customers to keep them informed and offer even better service. Hullo helps monitor satisfaction, keep customers informed about news and offers, build customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase revenue.’

Fill Empty Tables:

If business is unusually slow, hullo helps you take immediate action to turn things around. Messaging your loyal customers to tempt them to a night away from the hob can help fill up empty tables and create a positive customer experience .  

"🍕Cornish Pizza Republic🍕 Hi Peter, we know its only Thursday night but if you fancy a night off cooking tonight we're offering a free glass of wine tonight with all main courses. Go on...we're past hump day after all 😉You can reserve a table using the link below or give us a call on 01726 62626

Manage guest feedback:

Find out what your customers think about their recent visit with a simple survey. Hullo's built in Net Promoter Score survey helps you monitor how well you're doing and how likely customers are to recommend you to friends and family in the future based on their experience.

Things don't always go right and grabbing feedback straight after an experience and having a way to manage customer recovery before unhappy customers make their thoughts heard on review sites is a great way to turn a detractor into a promoter.  After all it's not having problems but how you solve them that fixes those experiences. Happy customers can also be prompted to leave reviews by the survey so its a win win for promoting and improving your services.

You get to see feedback in realtime in your hullo feed so you'll always know how you're doing, even before the review sites do...

“ <business name> Hi <firstname> Thank you for dining with us at Cornish Pizza Republic, we value your feedback to monitor and continually improve our services. We'd love to know how likely you are to recommend us to your family and friends, 2 questions follow..."

Birthday Surprise:

Sending an automated message with an offer on a customer's birthday is a great way to build the relationship and encourage loyalty. With hullo you can capture the day and month of a customer's birthday and then send an automated greeting when the big day comes.

It's a great opportunity to give something back and encourage them to celebrate with you...

“ Hi<[[First Name]]> it’s your birthday 🥳
Come and enjoy a celebratory wood fired pizza, show us this message and a drink and desert are on us 🎉🍕"