‘Text messaging helps hoteliers understand their guests’ expectations and offer services accordingly. If you’re a hotel owner, you can use the power of text messaging service to enhance the guest experience, boost marketing results, improve customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase revenue.’

Send Reservation Reminders:

Many guests like to make restaurant, spa, and other reservations in advance and they either show up late or forget about their reservation. In these situations, a text message can alert people reminding them about their reservation so that they can show up on time.  

Offer an Upgrade:

Everyone likes an upgrade, especially if it involves a discount. Offering a room upgrade during a slow period by sending a text message can help with conversions. All you need to do is to target the right guests at the right time.

You can send these text messages to people who have reserved a standard room so that they can utilize the upgrade offer to book an upgraded room.

"Hi Anna, Star Hotels look forward to welcoming you on Friday 18th February.
We would like to offer you a complimentary upgrade for your stay, to find out more visit

Keep Guests Onsite:

Text messaging allows you to inform your guests about events, restaurant deals, and activities going on in your hotel. It’ll keep your guests onsite for a longer period of time that will earn you more revenue.

Promote Onsite Services:

If your hotel offers side services such as an onsite spa, you can use the power of text messaging to inform them about such services. It’s important to note that your text messages must sound authentic, so you should not sound salesy.

“ <business name> Hi <firstname> Why not enjoy our beautiful spa facilities during your stay? We have appointments available for a range of treatments, or just relax by the pool and take a sauna to ease away the day's activities. Find out more about the facilities at https://starhotel.co.uk/spa

Improves Customer Service:

If you own a big hotel, you would already know that managing an overloaded customer service helpline is a challenging task. You can implement a text messaging service strategy to take the strain off the overloaded customer service helpline.

SMS messages improve the level of customer service. For instance, you can automate your system that sends a text message to your guests when their room is booked or cleaned.

Monitor Experience Feedback:

If your hotel gets positive feedback from more guests, its online ratings will increase. A better online rating also means that you’ll experience increased revenue. Text messaging automation is a great way to request feedback from your guests.

Trigger automated text messages every day to those customers who are checking out and use hullo's built in customer feedback survey or a link to your own review site.

“ <business name> Hi <firstname> Thank you for staying with us at Star Hotel, we value guest feedback to monitor and continually improve our services. We'd love to know how likely you are to recommend our hotel to your family and friends, 2 questions follow..."