How Can Clubs Use SMS Texting to Get Closer to Fans?

Football/soccer is by far the most popular sport not only in the UK but also in the whole world. Just like any other team sport, it’s important for a football club to find effective ways to communicate with their fans and the team...

‘Many premier league teams use SMS campaigns to communicate with their fans which also helps them to increase ticket sales. The following are the best ways a football club can use SMS marketing to get closer to fans.’

Game Dates:

SMS marketing helps football fans receive important information like dates of games and when tickets will go on sale for the season. People who subscribe to the club’s text service can use this information to add important dates to their calendars.

You can also add a link to the website of your football team from where fans can buy tickets to drive immediate traffic. Click through rates for SMS are a whopping 6 times higher than email.

Line-Up Announcements:

As soon as the lineup of your team drops, send text messages to your fans. Keep in mind that lineups are something that is highly anticipated by football fans. A text message will allow them to be in the know and they will appreciate it.

Make sure that you include a call to action that takes the fans to the presale registration link while notifying them about your team’s lineup.

“ Hi <firstname> <business name> are playing at home on Saturday 26th Feb 13:00 kickoff ⚽️
Have you got your ticket yet? If not grab yours now at

On the Day, Promotions and Deals:

Use SMS marketing services to provide your fans with the opportunity to upgrade their tickets to VIP on the day. You can do it during the event or before doors by sending an instant upgrade link via SMS.

You can also send a private purchase link with cheap ticket prices to fans who haven’t bought the tickets yet to drive your ticket sales.

Exclusive Content:

You want to give your football club fans a reason to subscribe to your SMS service. Consider providing them with access to content that you don’t send to anyone else using other mediums. For example, you can send personal videos from the players, sneak previews of the site of events, or onsite vouchers.

“ Hi <[[First Name]]>,
We are about to make today’s match even better with an VIP upgrade ⚽️🎉Only 100 of our supporters have been sent this exclusive link to upgrade for just £10 per ticket.. <[[vipticketlink]]>"

Keeps the Team Organised:

SMS doesn't just help with supporter engagement it can also help organise the team. Segment players, coaches, management, and support staff to message them instantly with updates and information.

“ 📅
Hi <[[First Name]]>
Don’t forget the team briefing tomorrow Will start later than usual at 10am"