Improve customer comms for even better customer service

Use hullo to manage 2-way messages with customers so you can cut down on calls and deliver the best customer service

‘Jon at Richardson's Plumbers wants to improve the customer experience for getting in touch with him. He struggles to answer every call while he's on a job, which means a raft of voicemails to get through when he is between them. Using hullo to manage customer messages will reduce the number of calls he receives, and make it easier for him to get back to clients as soon as he is free….’


Jon has told his customers that the fastest and most reliable way to reach him is via his hullo number, where customers can send him a text message. He can quickly see why they are getting in touch and reply back in a message or drop them a call when he is between jobs. It helps him prioritise his calls and customers know he will message them as soon as he is hands free…  

“Hi, my boiler has gone off and there is water leaking out from underneath, is it possible to book in for you to take a look at if for me please? Thanks”


Using hullo’s one-to-one messaging, Jon can see in his feed exactly how many unread messages he has. He can also quickly answer when its convenient for him and his customers know their message has got through. Hullo will let him know messages are waiting too so nothing gets missed.


Jon knows that he can get his current job done quicker if he doesn't need to stop and take calls. He can easily reply to messages as soon as he is free, or call a customer once he's read their message, its easier than him listening to voicemails and he can easily get back to info without listening to a message again.

This way Jon's current customer is happy because the job is done faster and his other customers know they will hear back from him soon. Jon can keep his eye on the job in hand with less interruptons.

He won't miss work and customer calls just because he's not able to answer the phone straight away.