About Us

Hullo. The Customer Conversation Channel

Hullo is a platform that helps small to medium sized businesses communicate directly with their customers using SMS text messages.

For over 18 years we have been creating text messaging systems and communication channels that send tens of millions of messages a month for big businesses, now we have taken what we know works really well for them and developed a platform that’s built to help smaller businesses like yours form stronger more valuable relationships with your customers.

Customers now expect personalised experiences that connect them to a brand or service. They want to know they are valued as much as they value a service or product. We understand that businesses find it difficult to stay in touch with their customers on an individual basis though, especially when scaling up. The default solution for most is to push messages via social channels, but this only has a 1% response rate. Why? Simply because these are their ‘social’ feeds, their personal space.

SMS text messaging bypasses these social channels directly to individual mobiles where customers now expect businesses they engage with to be in touch, an average engagement rate of 98% and a response time of 90 seconds with SMS text is all the proof you need. 

Hullo is a powerful but simple to use customer relationship management platform that is designed to handle everything for you, so all you need to do is say ‘hullo’.